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Due to the rapid growth of China's economy and the increase of Chinese people's income, people spend more on food. As a significant food consumer, children enjoy the love of their parents and grandparents, leading to child obesity becoming a more severe problem in China. Today, an estimated 28.2% Chinese school-age children are considered obese. Children's obesity is a potential safety hazard that leads to children's psychological issues and health problems in the future. Some parents have taken actions to help children establish healthier eating habits. Still, they are faced with the problems of lack of knowledge of healthy food and poor self-control of children, which leads to a frustrating experience. Even some parents and children are not aware of the harm of childhood obesity.

Project Process

Parents' lack of awareness of children's obesity brings potential health hazards to children in the future. Parents' lack of knowledge of healthy food makes it difficult to prepare a healthy diet and even counterproductive. Children lack the self-control of their diet, and their preference and pickiness for food make it more difficult for parents to change children's eating habits so that parents' efforts face a frustrating experience and gradually lose confidence.

I need to provide an opportunity for parents to be aware of their children’s obesity and understand the seriousness of future development. I will improve parents’ knowledge of healthy meals and help parents prepare a suitable and balanced diet for their children. I am going to use an indirect way to let children understand the disadvantages of an unhealthy diet and improve their self-control ability and passion for weight loss to form a habit.

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