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Website Design
User Interface Design


In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the employment rate in the United States had a significant impact, and after March 2020, the unemployment rate rose rapidly. 

Because of the decline of some occupations caused by the epidemic, some people are unemployed and challenging to develop new fields due to their low level of education and lack of knowledge and work experience. The purpose of the design is to provide a platform with guidance and education. The website will focus on how to provide people with the right direction and improve their education and skills to help them find a job.

Project Process

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a sudden and dramatic impact on the labor market, especially for some specific occupations. However, it has also made some occupations in the epidemic situation develop, survive, and become popular. In this case, it is a huge challenge for workers who lack experience and education. In that case, they have the need to improve their education level and skills, The unequal opportunity to receive education makes them feel anxious and depressed and gradually lose their confidence in learning.

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