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March 2022




Concept Storyboarding


Some examples of concept storyboarding design for branding advertisement.

I use image deconstruction style to create a digital storyboard, which aims to reshape the Coca-Cola branding in a new way and show the blending of Coca-Cola with real things and cultural life.


My content is about development. Coca-Cola has a long history, accompanied by the development of times and culture. My concept is to shape the development process of a city and culture and how Coca-Cola grows with these cultures. The composition's focus is the brand, which interacts with the changing environment. I want my audience to realize that Coca-Cola accompanies the growth of society, and it's a part of our life.

I use the creation of a storyboard to make the advertising story of the Italian pasta brand Barilla. I use metaphorical ways to express Barilla as a "tool" to help contact people in the two regions together, show Barilla as part of people's lives, and promote communication in different countries.


My content is about the story between the two islands. There are deep pits between the islands so that people between the two islands can't meet and communicate. At this time, Barilla's spaghetti is used as a "tool". Through abstract painting, spaghetti can become an ocean to fill the gap or a bridge and ship to help people from one island to another. I will use the humorous story style to compare and show how Barilla spaghetti, as a part of people's lives, helps and promotes exchanges between different countries and regions, and shows people's love for it and its indispensability.

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