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Wayfinding Design


Ansley Mall is an open-air shopping mall that has a variety of stores (26 retailers) and supermarkets, and there are four main buildings and an Ansley II mall located in the opposite street.


Although the shopping mall has a large passenger flow, the shopping mall faces a significant problem of a wayfinding system. Surprisingly, there is an extreme lack of direction signs in the mall. Because of insufficient guidance, many small retail stores behind the building are losing customers, the mall has no cohesion brand visual system hard to attract tourists.

Ansley mall needs a good wayfinding system, which can guide consumers through the space in the mall to reach their destination more easily and quickly. The goal is to create a positive user experience and reduce the inconvenience and confusion of users in the space.

Project Process

This idea is realized through interactive activities with users. This design will use interactive projection. This is an opportunity to take advantage of the large space and long corridors in the shopping center. The design will follow people's movement track and hand movement track to create a unique pattern for everyone. Consumers can print out their "work" through the electronic screen. Therefore, users can enjoy their works and make them, which is an exciting strategy to connect with users. At the same time, attract them into the interior of the mall.

Ansley mall has a lot of space. Graffiti on the wall can increase the brand feeling of the whole mall. At the same time, exciting graffiti can attract more consumers and provide a better experience. At the same time, it also has a good wayfinding system function.

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